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About my second short film "Dance"...
About my first short film "FOOD"... 

December 2012:

  • I will be teaching at UO again for the rest of this academic year. Another large class with 3 GTFs and 2 graders.

December 2011:

  • My contract at UO Business College finally expired after almost 3 1/2 years.
    However I will be starting to teach at UO Computer Science department in January 2012.
    Still teaching in Computer Technology department at Lane Community College.

July 2010:

  • I have a contract at UO for one more year!!!

September 2009:

  • I will be teaching at UO for at least another year. I am very happy.

June 2009:

  • I had Bariatric Bypass surgery - drastic step but worth it. My experiences are logged at my blog.

August 2008:

  • I was offered one year contract to teach at the University of Oregon Decision Science Department of the Lindquist College of Business. I will be developing and teaching DSC240 - Managing Business Information.

June 2008:

October 2007:

April 2007:

  • I purchased and moved into a brand new condo. Every time I move I promise this is the last time. I must be the worst person to do move. I am glad I had friends to help.

September 2006:

  • The first issue of new Eugene Magazine, a shiny quarterly, featured local film scene, an article about the Eugene Film Festival and local filmmakers, including short story about me, my movie FOOD, and my picture.
May 2006:
  • I finished and had first screening of my second short film "Dance"
  • My 14 photographs were displayed at the "Pizza Research Institute" (voted the best pizza in town! even before I hang my photos there..)
  • Eugene Film Festival 2006 that I helped to organize, is over. We are starting 2007 version.


Jan 2006: I am...

  • ...settled in my new limited-space downtown living.
  • ...writing a lot,
  • ...on the board of Eugene Film Festival,
  • the middle of filming and editing my part of Oregon Screenwriters collaborative effort called 'Hotel Shorts'. This is a collection of 6 short stories, each written and directed independently, with one common thread - the story happens in the same hotel room. We used Valley River Inn who graciously donated the room to us for multiple weekend.


Aug 2005:

  • My big house is sold. I had to do a lot of work to get it ready.
  • In August I moved into a small condo Downtown.
  • I am down to two cats, Yuri and Phillip (II). Allie, my beloved doxie, was put to sleep at the age of 14. Muffin went back to the previous owners and is happy there. Old cats, Ritz, Phillip (I), and Belmondo are also gone. All lived close to 20 years.


Second half of 2004 was devoted to making my first movie FOOD - I showed it for the first time in December 2004.


April and May 2004: Paris, France, with side trips to Loire Valley, and to celebrate the European Union expansion, trip to Brussels on May 1. The slide show from the trip.


May 2003: I received my Master of Arts Degree in Education with the specialization on Adult Education and Distance Learning. I started this program in September 2001 while still working at HP.


August 2002: I accepted an 'early-retirement offer' from HP after 21 years of service. I continue to teach at the Lane Community College