This is dedicated to 911 victims who jumped WTC towers from raging inferno to meet their death below.

I'm flying

I felt approaching breath of death,
What was given to me was
The choice: to die burning or
To fly and die.
At least they will find my body,
I'm flying

I look ahead.
Sunny morning blended sky and sea
I could see far away
The horizon.
The air was cool, and crisp, and clear.
Not here.
I'm flying off the edge of hell,
I'm flying

I look up.
Now Iím a part of that beautiful sky
Horror is passing me by.
I'm a star, a planet, a bird.
Not dead yet,
But soon, I'm the sky,
I'm flying

I look down.
The crowds, the crowds below
I see them pointing at me
Do they pity me or feel glad that
Itís not them.
They donít fly away from death, to die,
I'm flying

I donít know who did this to me.
Iím sure it wasnít Godís will.
Those who were always there for me
Iíll never see
I wish to tell them so much but
I'm flying

                                                Thaddeus Konar, Eugene OR

Copyright @ Thaddeus Konar

The origin of September 11, 2001 WTC images widely distributed on the web is unknown to me. I'm using them without any special permissions. Please let me know if I'm infringing on someone's copyright.