I wrote, directed, and edited "Dance", but I had just incredible help.
I felt blessed with all the support I received, and here are some of the blessings:

1. Photography: a total of six camera(wo)men were involved. Special note should be given to Tim Carroll (http://lilfolksproductions.com/) who drove from Portland at 3 AM in November to make the indoor shots possible. When it came to the outdoor shots we found ourselves improvising. The original plan, that we choreographed, sketched, and had camera placements selected, called for shooting at the Eugene EWEB fountain. Unfortunately, on the shooting day, the fountain was shot down and covered with the stage for the Earth day celebration. All our planning went up the chimney, as we moved across the river to the Alton Baker park and improvised. Luckily, with five cameras pointing at the dancing girls, we had enough footage relatively fast.
Thank you Tim, Jeff and Jeff, Adele, Mike, and Dan.

2. Music: I am using (with their gracious permissions) beautiful two songs written, composed, and performed by my dear (and missed) friend Irene Farrera (http://www.farrera.com/), as well as fantastic piece performed by a classical guitarist extraordinaire (and friend) Craig Einhorn (http://unicornguitar.com/).
Thank you Irene and Craig.